Our Sing Rock Mission

To Bring People Together Through The Love Of Music

We are community based choirs in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and in Looe, Cornwall.
To join our friendly singing groups, you don’t need any musical background whatsoever to be part of our sessions, we have it all covered!
We pride ourselves on being a little different to traditional choirs by using live instruments at rehearsals and events throughout the year, we create the live band feel as well as singing in harmony with one another.

The main instrument you need to sing with us is your voice!
Using Piano, Keys, Voice, Guitar and Stomp Box you are sure to leave feeling uplifted and wanting to come back for more!

We offer FREE Taster Sessions, so just Contact Us and we will get back to you with everything you need to know. After your free taster session, we will then give you access to our exclusive members area in which you can get all the current songs we are working on right now.
You will have the downloads for all the parts as well as all the song sheets you will need at choir. This is a great tool & you can even practice in-between rehearsals with your Sing Rock Friends and create your own karaoke evenings using our backing tracks!

I have been part of the Sing Rock family since the start of the group..and what a personal journey I have been on during these years!
I was nervous to join the group as I have mobility problems which I thought could disrupt things, but I was warmly welcomed with adjustments easily made to make me feel more comfortable.
For me being part of Sing Rock has been about building my confidence in social situations, using singing as a stress release which has helped me overcome mental health challenges, and the weekly sessions are a great way to connect with an amazing group of people, of all ages and walks of life.

Blossom, Stevenage Sing Rocker

I’ve wanted to sing in a choir for ages but I thought they were a bit stuffy and intense! Sing Rock is totally different it is so much fun. I wouldn’t call myself a singer, but singing with others it really is great.

Yvette, Looe Sing Rocker

Here are a few reasons to join us..

Be Part of a great Singing Community Meet New Friends and Do Something A Little Different Feel Happier & Healthier Great for Mental Health Improve Your Singing Voice Gain a new found confidence Do Something You Never Thought You Would DoLearn How To Sing As Part Of a Group And In HarmonyFind Your Voice - No Singing Experience Required

  • Find Your Voice – No Singing Experience Required

  • Learn How To Sing As Part Of a Group And In Harmony

  • Do Something You Never Thought You Would Do

  • Be Part of a great Singing Community